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피부를 맑고 건강하게 만들어주는 피부 고민 토탈 스킨부스터. 97% 고농도로 함유된 엑소 시그널 970 파우더와 PDRN과 함유된 펩타이드가 만나 시너지 효과로 생기 없는 피부에 수렴과 보습을 더해 탄탄하고 균일하게 만들어 줍니다  

A premium skin booster that leaves your skin clean and healthy. Exo Signal 970 powder, with a high concentration of 97%, PDRN and Peptides work together to provide a synergistic action that converges and hydrates the lifeless skin, making your skin firm and even.


Anti-Aging & Whitening Care

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A total solution for all skin troubles

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Premium Scalp Booster

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TEL  02-416-7292        |        FAX   02-416-7293        |        E-mail  cmedemi@naver.com

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